Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry was a perfect book for anyone who wants to read a little romance. The main characters, Brittany and Alex, shared a bond that couldn't be passed up. Their love towards each other made the book capturing to the reader. The author did an amazing job creating her characters and giving them both depth. Alex wasn't just some gang member who loved the rush of killing and drug dealing, and Brittany wasn't a shallow popular girl who had nothing going on in her head. Every page helped the reader truly understand and relate to the characters, even though their situations were too unique for one to fully understand the emotional effect of their loses. The ending was the most amazing and endearing completion to any book that I have read. The book ending didn't make me mad or upset; it had the perfect amount of mystery so that I could imagine, but it also had enough completion so that I wouldn't get mad that she didn't finalize everything. The only bad part about the book would have to be all the Spanish that I didn't know. While it gave me joy to know most of the words that they were saying, it would've been nice if the author put a glossary or explained some of the less known Spanish words. I had a feeling that some of the words she used were Spanish cuss words, but I still don't know. None the less, I'd give this book a 5 out of 5 because it captured my heart and I thought it was amazing.

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  1. I love the book. I love all the books in the trilogy. And yes, they are mostly swear words that Simone writes in Spanish.

    I met her last year. She's amazing and swears as much as her characters. But she's is so funny and open. She gets excited to meet fans. She showed me pictures of her with the guys in her Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction trailers. :D