Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plastic Surgery to Grow Taller?

I understand that being short can be a real pain; I am a strong advocate of wanting to be taller, but I would never go through painful surgery to do so. A ton of people live perfectly happy just being short. Does being taller help a guy's love life? Sadly the answer is yes, but plastic surgery to that extent is a little too much. These people put a rod in their leg then have it lengthen over time as the bone grows around it. The man in the video seemed to be in extreme pain just to gain three inches. If someone is that insecure about their height then they need to go see a therapist because it is clearly not healthy. The men in the video seemed to pay thousands of dollars and there is no telling what the long term effects of the surgery are going to be. If you gain the extra inches then won't your legs start to hurt when you get older and your bones might have other problems? I just think it is a little too drastic.

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  1. It is kind of sad that some men feel the need to go through with such painful surgery to be taller. Then again, it's sad that some men end up so short! it's way easier to be short as a woman, than short as a man.

    Even in my family (full of short women from the Spanish maternal side) my boys do tend to tease their brother in law....

    I couldn't do - I couldn't go through a painful three month procedure for something to change my height. Those men are a combo of brave and foolish. Which is kind of sad.