Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello my name is...

Hey everyone or anyone who decided to visit my blog. I'm ZigZagTopica  and this is "The Thoughts of Someone Who Actually Cares". I decided it was about time that I started a blog; I just thought I'd be random and start this one. Well, I'll tell you a bit about me so that you can better understand where my opinions come from or why I think the way I do. I'm a freshman in high school, love lacrosse, and am a big supporter of fun. I'm a classifiable nerd, but I love being that way. My family goes on a lot of vacations to different places, so I love new and exciting foods, people, activities, and environments. I think that gives you a glimpse what I'm like, but if you read my blog you'll learn all about me through my writing. Now if any of my opinions annoy you, you have questions, stories, or anything you want to contribute to the blog then comment.

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