Sunday, March 11, 2012

And I Will Never Understand the Teacher

It never ceases to amaze me how teachers can get so anal about certain rules or expectations. My teacher, let's call her Ms. D, always has these fits about nothing. She goes on and on about how we all aren't doing the drill, but the bell hasn't even rung to signal that class has started. Ms. D will drone about how people don't sit ,do their drill, or always talk. Most of the time we are well behaved in her class and barely speak. The worst offense you could do in her class is forget to staple your paper before turning it in. Goodness forbid that you have to take a two second break to staple anything. She goes on a rampage if anything isn't stapled, but goes off if anyone staples papers in the classroom. Ms.D must not understand that staples don't cost that much and that it doesn't take long to staple papers. "If it's not stapled and I lose part of your homework; It's not my fault," she always says. Well as soon as we hand it over to you then it is your responsibility, staple or no staple. It's not objective to take points off or penalize anyone for something as idiotic as a staple. Sometimes teachers are just confusing and irritable.

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