Sunday, March 11, 2012

Music is My Lover

Everyone loves music. From those who enjoy the relaxing melodies of classical music to those who enjoy the beat and hardcore music that can come from rap. Music is just a part life. There are various types of music listeners out there. The most common are radio addicts, people that just love whatever comes on the radio and can sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs. These music lovers can be pestering or fun. If they can sing decently then you will have a great car ride, but if they sing terribly then sadly you are out of luck.
There are also the oldies babies, who seem to not be caught up to current music and always sing songs so old that your parents know the tune. I don't understand the extreme love of old music, but I respect the oldies babies anyways. There is also the mainstream rejects who absolutely hate songs on the radio except for one or two. These people are amazing at finding good songs that aren't popular, but they can also have a weird taste in music. Some of the songs mainstream rejects love to listen to are terrible and you wonder what they were thinking listening to that.
The last type of music listeners are lyric nerds. Lyric nerds know almost every  lyric to every song, honestly these people could win a game show or something. These are the people you want to ask about the names of songs you haven't heard about. Even though everyone has their own flavor of music they like to listen to, we are all one big music loving community.

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