Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry was a perfect book for anyone who wants to read a little romance. The main characters, Brittany and Alex, shared a bond that couldn't be passed up. Their love towards each other made the book capturing to the reader. The author did an amazing job creating her characters and giving them both depth. Alex wasn't just some gang member who loved the rush of killing and drug dealing, and Brittany wasn't a shallow popular girl who had nothing going on in her head. Every page helped the reader truly understand and relate to the characters, even though their situations were too unique for one to fully understand the emotional effect of their loses. The ending was the most amazing and endearing completion to any book that I have read. The book ending didn't make me mad or upset; it had the perfect amount of mystery so that I could imagine, but it also had enough completion so that I wouldn't get mad that she didn't finalize everything. The only bad part about the book would have to be all the Spanish that I didn't know. While it gave me joy to know most of the words that they were saying, it would've been nice if the author put a glossary or explained some of the less known Spanish words. I had a feeling that some of the words she used were Spanish cuss words, but I still don't know. None the less, I'd give this book a 5 out of 5 because it captured my heart and I thought it was amazing.

Plastic Surgery to Grow Taller?

I understand that being short can be a real pain; I am a strong advocate of wanting to be taller, but I would never go through painful surgery to do so. A ton of people live perfectly happy just being short. Does being taller help a guy's love life? Sadly the answer is yes, but plastic surgery to that extent is a little too much. These people put a rod in their leg then have it lengthen over time as the bone grows around it. The man in the video seemed to be in extreme pain just to gain three inches. If someone is that insecure about their height then they need to go see a therapist because it is clearly not healthy. The men in the video seemed to pay thousands of dollars and there is no telling what the long term effects of the surgery are going to be. If you gain the extra inches then won't your legs start to hurt when you get older and your bones might have other problems? I just think it is a little too drastic.

The Horrors and Benefits of Annotating

Annotating is a good way to keep track of what you are reading and absorb more of the information you are trying to analyze. The beginning of books can be confusing and full of a lot of complicated vocabulary, especially when the book is from school. In order to make sure you fully grasp the beginning of a book, you annotate to get past the boring parts. Annotating isn't that bad during the beginning of the book, but when the plot comes together it can become annoying to annotate. I hate when everything is being explained yet you still have to write something for the teacher to see. It then makes reading maniacal, wanting you to give up all together. I don't know about you, but annotation is not my friend.

Music is My Lover

Everyone loves music. From those who enjoy the relaxing melodies of classical music to those who enjoy the beat and hardcore music that can come from rap. Music is just a part life. There are various types of music listeners out there. The most common are radio addicts, people that just love whatever comes on the radio and can sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs. These music lovers can be pestering or fun. If they can sing decently then you will have a great car ride, but if they sing terribly then sadly you are out of luck.
There are also the oldies babies, who seem to not be caught up to current music and always sing songs so old that your parents know the tune. I don't understand the extreme love of old music, but I respect the oldies babies anyways. There is also the mainstream rejects who absolutely hate songs on the radio except for one or two. These people are amazing at finding good songs that aren't popular, but they can also have a weird taste in music. Some of the songs mainstream rejects love to listen to are terrible and you wonder what they were thinking listening to that.
The last type of music listeners are lyric nerds. Lyric nerds know almost every  lyric to every song, honestly these people could win a game show or something. These are the people you want to ask about the names of songs you haven't heard about. Even though everyone has their own flavor of music they like to listen to, we are all one big music loving community.

And I Will Never Understand the Teacher

It never ceases to amaze me how teachers can get so anal about certain rules or expectations. My teacher, let's call her Ms. D, always has these fits about nothing. She goes on and on about how we all aren't doing the drill, but the bell hasn't even rung to signal that class has started. Ms. D will drone about how people don't sit ,do their drill, or always talk. Most of the time we are well behaved in her class and barely speak. The worst offense you could do in her class is forget to staple your paper before turning it in. Goodness forbid that you have to take a two second break to staple anything. She goes on a rampage if anything isn't stapled, but goes off if anyone staples papers in the classroom. Ms.D must not understand that staples don't cost that much and that it doesn't take long to staple papers. "If it's not stapled and I lose part of your homework; It's not my fault," she always says. Well as soon as we hand it over to you then it is your responsibility, staple or no staple. It's not objective to take points off or penalize anyone for something as idiotic as a staple. Sometimes teachers are just confusing and irritable.

The Poor Little Teenage Girl

This poor kid was deprived of the famous Djokovic's shirt when another person snatched it right out of the air when it was tossed to her. The girl was 14 yrs. old and that mean lady just went and snatched the shirt. I do sympathize with the girl because it is so sad to be within inches of such an important shirt, then have it snatched away. For me, that would be like Taylor Lautner taking his shirt off and some lady grabbing it inches before I got my hands on that. It would be extremely traumatizing if that happened to me. What really got me was the girls face when the t-shirt was snatched out of her grasp. Her face just completely dropped. It was the saddest thing I ever saw. While it is sad see, its also a little funny because Melissa looks as if she is about to yell her head off at the lady who took the shirt. I think this is just one of those guiltily hilarious moments that you watch on youtube.

Exiled by Rashelle Workman

I really loved this book so I thought I'd tell some people about it's amazingness. The author did a great job of making a simple science fiction novel. I liked that the book didn't have a bunch of complicated language or super long explanations about nothing. The book was filled with adventure, secrets, and romance, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. The concepts introduced in the book weren't hard to understand or keep up with. I liked that the author wrote the book in various two points of view, but focused mainly on Venus. I would recommend the book to girls who want romance with more action in it. I suspect that the book is the first in a series because it ended with a lot of unanswered questions. I give the book a 4 out of 5 only because I was mad about love triangle going on. Hope you decide to read it; it's really a good book.

Gym Uniforms Are You Serious?

I have nothing against gym. It's one of those few classes where you actually don't notice that you are putting forth a lot of effort. The only thing I have against gym is that freshmen are expected to buy a uniform. I would simply buy an ugly gym uniform for 20 dollars if it was needed, but if you truly think about it you don't need a school uniform. I honestly think you'd be fine just wearing a shirt and shorts that don't have your school's name across them. I have as much school spirit as anyone else, but I think the uniform is a waste of money. First off the clothes are extremely big because their unisex. The smalls are huge and baggy on all of the girls and most of the boys. I personally do not like running around in a giant shirt and shorts for an hour a day.
The gym teacher also makes you write your name nice and big right across the front of the shirt. I don't believe in broadcasting my name so big that it is impossible to miss. It looks weird being printed on the shirt because all the other words on the shirt or so neat, and the name stands out in an unappealing way. I do understand that you write your name so that people won't steal shirts, but if everyone had their own different shirt then wouldn't that eliminate the problem? Someone could just write their name on the inside of the shirt and if it gets lost they could describe what their shirt looks like.
I also think the whole buying uniforms is idiotic because you only where it for half of the school year. After P.E. is over then you never wear that ugly shirt ever again. When the upperclassmen go to their specialty gym class, they just where a simple shirt and shorts. What is the point of buying a uniform if only freshmen wear it? The normal school spirit wear is much better looking than the gym uniform; I rather wear the spirit wear. I like buying clothes that are cute and I can wear for awhile. It doesn't make sense for me to pay 20 dollars for something that isn't going to be of any use to me. I hope I'm not the only one in the world who thinks that.

Hello my name is...

Hey everyone or anyone who decided to visit my blog. I'm ZigZagTopica  and this is "The Thoughts of Someone Who Actually Cares". I decided it was about time that I started a blog; I just thought I'd be random and start this one. Well, I'll tell you a bit about me so that you can better understand where my opinions come from or why I think the way I do. I'm a freshman in high school, love lacrosse, and am a big supporter of fun. I'm a classifiable nerd, but I love being that way. My family goes on a lot of vacations to different places, so I love new and exciting foods, people, activities, and environments. I think that gives you a glimpse what I'm like, but if you read my blog you'll learn all about me through my writing. Now if any of my opinions annoy you, you have questions, stories, or anything you want to contribute to the blog then comment.