Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Are Really Going to Arrest a 6 year old?

I was searching around the internet and found an article on how this 6 year old, who lived in Georgia, was arrested for having a temper tantrum. It was said that the kid threw items off of the wall and throwing furniture, granted that this can be a dangerous situation, the police still shouldn't have been called. I believe that the parents should have been notified and told to pick up their child before the police were even mentioned. I don't think it's a productive use of the police if the aggressor is only a six year old. The poor kid should not have to go to the jail. She is a little kid and sometimes little kids act out, but it is not extreme nor will ever be extreme to the point where the police need to be called. A group of adults could easily restrain her if needed to, the mother could've been notified in order to get the child to calm down. What makes the situation worst is that they decided to handcuff the girl and put her in a holding cell because she did not cooperate when the police tried to get her to calm down. If she is not familiar with the police, it can be extremely scary for a little girl to be confronted by grown men in uniforms. I believe the situation just shows how people can completely over-exaggerate a situation and they can be lazy. Would it really be that hard to try take a cushion to protect yourself and then just get the girl away from anything to throw?

Here's the link for the article http://news.yahoo.com/police-handcuff-ga-kindergartner-tantrum-112459850.html

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  1. This is ridiculous! This makes me feel for the child and wonder what made him have a tantrum in the first place. The parents should sue the school and police force. All they had to do was call the parents and send the kid home.