Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Can Taste Summer

I find it completely annoying when summer is so close, yet you still have a little bit of school left. It's also a bit scary when you realize that there is only about 4 weeks or so of school left and you have finals coming up. So many test to be completed in such a short amount of time. Every single year I tell myself that soon enough the year will be over and summer will come. It will seem like just yesterday was my first day of school and I was already prepared for summer to come again. Every single year I suddenly get surprised when summer actually does get here. I absolutely love summer like a majority of people, mostly because I don't have school and can go to the beach. Summer is also bittersweet though because I miss my friends, but also have a lot of fun. It seems a whole lot easier to see your friends when you get to meet with them everyday at school. It's a lot harder during the summer because you actually have to put forth effort to see your friends. Overall my summer is going to have to be amazing full of camps and vacations. What more could I possibility ask for.

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